Medical clinics around the globe have relied on MedX for treating chronic back and neck pain for decades.

The Lumbar Extension Machine

The Lumbar Extension Machine provides functional testing and spinal therapy. A unique method of pelvic stabilization provides true isolation of the deep muscles of the lumbar spine (erector spinae and multifidus).

Weakness of these muscles can be responsible for chronic disability and persistent or recurring pain. At Spokane Spine Center we are proud to offer MedX Rehabilitation! Contact us to get started today.

The Cervical Extension Machine

The Cervical Extension Machine is highly reliable and specific for the quantification of isometric cervical extension strength and dynamic variable resistance training. Isometric testing can be performed every three degrees through a 126 degree range of motion.

Validity is achieved by effectively stabilizing the torso to achieve cervical extension muscle isolation. Counterbalancing the mass of the head is performed to ensure accurate torque assessment by eliminating the effects of gravity.

The Rotary Torso Machine

The Rotary Torso Machine evaluates and trains the rotary muscles of the internal and external obliques, and the torso. This is extremely important for any patient who relies on a twisting or turning motion for their job. The stabilization devices of the machine eliminate extraneous contractions from the legs, hips and shoulders. The oblique muscles move a torso through the full range of rotation on each side, designed to isolate and strengthen the oblique, abdominal and spinal rotator muscle groups. By including this exercise, the “core” is strengthened and stabilized. The Torso Rotation is the perfect compliment to the lumbar flexion/extension machine.