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Your Recovery Begins Here!

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Your Recovery Begins Here! Meet our Team of Spine Specialists below. 

Dr. Robert Haddad
Chiropractic Care

I provide the first step in treatment after an injury. The combination of manual, hands-on therapy, targeted spinal stabilization exercise and medical massage therapy restores range of motion, decreases pain and increases strength to damaged tissues.

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Dr. John Long
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician

Sometimes injuries can be complex with slower-than-expected recovery times or pain radiating into an arm or leg. My specialty, Physiatry dives into complex diagnostics and procedures to help relieve pain and return function after an injury.

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Stacia Reagan
Concussion Specialist

My specialty allows me to conduct a thorough, musculoskeletal exam to identify the various causes of neck and back injury and pain. Only then, can I prescribe the next step in treatment or advanced diagnostic testing. In this way, many needless procedures can be avoided, and the patient’s suffering minimized.

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    Your Recovery Begins Here!

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  • Pain Meter

    Pain Meter

    Don't wait, let us help you avoid permanent pain!

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  • In an Auto Accident?

    In an Auto Accident?

    We can help get you back to living well.

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  • Chronic Neck & Back Pain?

    Chronic Neck & Back Pain?

    Let us help you with chiropractic therapy that will last.

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  • Work Related Injury?

    Work Related Injury?

    We help injured workers get better back on the job.

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  • Chronic Migraines?

    Chronic Migraines?

    Migraines can be debilitating. The good news is, we can help

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Your Recovery Begins Here!

Spokane Spine Center is proud to be the Region's Premier Multidisciplinary Spinal Clinic offering customized treatment options for symptoms such as whiplash from auto accidents, neck and back pain, chronic migraines, numbness, and more. When you are experiencing pain, we can help get you back to yourself with a combination of medical specialists, therapy, and massage, all in one location.
Spokane Spine Center has grown to offer our patients unleveled care with an expanded team of specialized providers. We can schedule you same day, often without a referral, any without any pocket costs! We have helped thousands of people get back to living pain-free, but no one can tell you better than our patients – watch our testimonial videos and commercials below!

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