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Dan C. Wilcox, M.D.

Dr. Dan C Wilcox specializes in evaluation and management of musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders.    He approaches each patient as a unique case to identify the underlying cause of their pain,  in order to be able to offer tailored solutions to their musculoskeletal injury or dysfunction.  He utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to obtain the best outcome, including physical therapy, manipulative therapy and specific injections in the joints, muscles, and spine. 

He is fellowship trained in utilization of spinal injections and performs fluoroscopically guided cervical and lumbar spinal injections including selective nerve blocks and epidurals, as well as facet joint diagnostic injections and radiofrequency medial branch neurotomies in which the nerves that supply the facet joints in the spine are denervated to eliminate back pain.  

He also performs joint injections to diagnose knee, hip, and pelvic region pain.  This may include intra articular hip or knee injections, or sacroiliac joint injections in the upper buttock region.

Dr. Wilcox is experienced in EMG’s also known as  Electrodiagnostic evaluation of nerve disorders.  EMG’s are utilized to evaluate patients for compressive neuropathies such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ulnar nerve compression syndromes and cervical and lumbar radiculopathy.

This test involves testing the speed of electrical impulse traveling down a limb to determine nerve dysfunction, and evaluation of muscles to determine the location of the injury causing the pain or weakness.  This is an extension of the neurologic examination helping to confirm compression of nerves in the spine that affect dysfunction in the arms and legs.

Dr. Dan C. Wilcox

About Dr. Wilcox

Dr. Wilcox is a Board-Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist completing his Residency at Indiana University Medical Center.   He then completed a Spine Fellowship with Dr. Joseph Fortin and is a Board-Certified Pain specialist, credentialed through the American Board of Medical Specialties. 

Dr. Wilcox has over 20 years of experience performing x-ray guided spinal injections and remains active in the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Spinal Intervention Society. 


He has an interest in treating the following conditions:

  • Cervical and lumbar radiculopathy. 
  • Lumbar degenerative disc disease
  • Cervical and Lumbar disc herniations.
  • Facet joint pain                  
  • Cervicogenic Headaches
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Overuse syndromes
  • Hip, Knee and Shoulder injuries.
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • Ulnar compressive neuropathy at the elbow and wrist
  • Peripheral neuropathies
  • Peroneal Neuropathy

Dr. Wilcox has over 20 years of experience performing x-ray guided spinal injections.